racehorse training services

racehorse training consultations.

Dr David Evans has undertaken significant consultancy projects and research studies in countries including The United Kingdom, Japan, The United States, South America and The United Arab Emirates as well as throughout Australia. In addition to these countries, Dr David Evans is now available from 2015 for consultancy in China, India, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Consultancy projects are uniquely tailored for each client dependent on their specific needs and requirements and can be arranged as short or long term exclusive engagements.

It is important to note that the vast majority of Dr David Evans' consultancy work is conducted in person, over the phone or via email. Dr David Evans does not use or endorse the use of computer generated software or programs as the most appropriate methods for analysing individual results and for generating and adjusting specific training programs. Dr David Evans uses highly advanced science based methodologies which have been developed over a 40 year period to analyse fitness levels, performance and development as well as to enhance and uniquely tailor far superior training models for each individual horse.

introduction to treadmill training.

Dr David Evans specialises in science based targeted treadmill training for thoroughbred horses. This introductory program is individually tailored for each client depending on their specific requirements. It is designed as a single program for trainers and owners providing advice and guidance on the correct equipment, technical aspects of the treadmill, the correct scientific use of the treadmill and how best to incorporate the treadmill into an effective training program. 

Key Components:
* Treadmill selection, set up and scientific use
* Comprehensive Treadmill Training guidance
* Initial Training Plan development
* Three full days of consultation plus email and phone support

Method: In person + email and phone support

Duration: Minimum of three full days required

treadmill training + heart rate technology. 

This program not only encompasses the above introductory treadmill training program but also includes a thorough review of animal husbandry practises with specific reference to housing, nutrition and veterinary care plus detailed heart rate technology and thorough guidance on the correct use of this technology. Dr David Evans is a strong advocate for utilising horse heart rates as an accurate guideline to determine fitness levels and potential ability. The methodologies used by Dr David Evans when analysing horse heart rates are based on four decades of research, a trade secret IP and quite simply are unrivalled and unmatched. 

Key Components:
* Treadmill selection, set up and scientific use
* Comprehensive Treadmill Training guidance
* Initial Training Plan development
* Comprehensive review and assessment of animal husbandry practises
* Nutrition review and assessment
* Heart rate technology plus guidance
* Initial fitness assessment of all horses
* Five full days of consultation plus email and phone support 

Method: In person + email and phone support

Duration: Minimum of five full days required

weekly results advisory.

This program is an on-going remote weekly advisory service for the training methods and fitness assessment scores of each horse utilising cloud based software plus detailed score analysis and ongoing advice on training methods on a weekly basis. 
This program is designed for trainers and owners who are already technically advanced on the use of the treadmill and ideally who have completed the above full circle program. 

Key Components: 
* Establishment of file sharing software for weekly advisory
* Weekly analysis of fitness scores
* Training adjustments and recommendations based on scores
* Weekly phone consultation in addition to email recommendations

Method: email and phone

Duration: Weekly analysis and advice via email and phone

exclusive contract.

An all encompassing program. Dr David Evans is available for extended and exclusive consultancy covering every aspect of equine sport science including treadmill and track training, heart rate monitoring, fitness results analysis, targeted fitness and training programs for each horse; plus advice on nutrition, injury prevention and management, stud management and thoroughbred buying. This is a highly individual and highly customised program with a focus on long term results and success. Contracts range from 1 to 12 months. Please note that for extended and exclusive arrangements, a minimum of 3 months notice is required. For further information on international availability, please see the International Section

Key Components: 
* Exclusive access rights for the duration of the contract
* Highly individual and tailored program
* A complete management plan covering all aspects of training with a particular focus on improving fitness levels, endurance and recovery times
* Treadmill and track training
* A comprehensive nutritional plan
* Injury management and prevention plan
* Weekly reports and results

Method: In person exclusivity + email and phone support

Duration: 1, 3, 6 and 12 months exclusive

telephone consultations.

Telephone consultations are available on a per hour basis for discussion and advice on all aspects of thoroughbred racehorse training and equine physiology. The preferred method is via Skype. All consultations are recorded and a written summary is then forwarded for your future reference. To gain a thorough understanding of your specific requirements, and initial email and/or phone consultation is required.

speaking engagements.

Dr David Evans has spoken at countless seminars for world racing bodies, universities, government agencies and not for profit organisations on a wide range of topics from thoroughbred training techniques to animal welfare issues. 
If you would like to enquire about having Dr David Evans as a guest speaker at your next event or congress, please click here
Generally speaking, Dr David Evans does not charge a fee for speaking engagements at educational seminars or for not for profit organisations. 


Dr David Evans has led a distinguished academic career and has played an integral role within the Veterinary Science Faculty at The University of Sydney, Australia. In addition to being a world renowned equine expert and a registered Veterinary Practitioner (NSW, Australia), Dr David Evans is a strong advocate for students currently studying Veterinary Science or future students considering a career in Veterinary Science. 
Dr David Evans will happily provide general advice and answer any questions for both current and future students of Veterinary Science - domestic and international. 
For students wishing to take advantage of this service, please complete the enquiry form and Dr David Evans will be in touch with you either via phone or email. 
There are no fees associated with this service for students.